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For the team at Musiqaa, we believe in ”Music without boundaries”.
What started out as a programme titled ‘Instrumental Music’ that worked towards its vision “Music without boundaries” since September 2016, Musiqaa was launched in October 2017, under a logo designed by one of its own teachers, with a mission that proudly states: “We aim to instil the love for music and create musicians with a deeper understanding of the music, background, style and character.”
In only a short time, Musiqaa has grown into a large operation, currently teaching over 250 students from Doha College and the wider community, who take weekly lessons. Mrs Chantelle Laubscher, Head of Musiqaa, manages a team that includes highly accomplished musicians with a love for teaching. The Academy hosts ABRSM and Rock School Centre examinations, and has recently become the ABRSM Representative for Qatar. 1st July 2018.
Ms Ilenia Torsello, the Woodwind Specialist who designed the new logo, explained how she went through many options and after months of different attempts and team consultations, they agreed on the design that now adorns their new centre. “Musiqaa means, of course, music in Arabic; the M represents the stave in motion, to suggest our fluidity, and the Q is a stylised treble clef. There is also a conductor’s baton to suggest that the students can rely on our steady guidance and leadership. It was like a dream come true, how something that was in my mind and stemmed from my hands is now visible to everybody and will build the brand Musiqaa.”
Doha College has always been a steadfast supporter of the arts and particularly music. Its students have played in concerts alongside Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra and have been also involved with the ‘Moving Young Artists’ Programme. Doha College held the first ‘Qatar Primary School Choir of the Year’ competition earlier this year, and is proud to support Musiqaa in its endeavours.

What Musiqaa offers

Individual instrumental lessons are open to all, students from both Doha College Primary and Secondary as well adults and students from the wider community, wanting to learn music. Our lessons include skill development, technique, music-reading, and improvisation. Lessons include opportunities to perform solos, duets or ensembles in student recitals. Teachers select materials and repertoire that is appropriate for each student.

*Individual lessons are most successful when age-appropriate: piano, violin – age 6 minimum, age 8 recommended; voice – age 12+ recommended; woodwinds, brass, strings, percussion, guitar – age 9+ recommended.

Students will receive a private, 30 to 60-minute lesson each week.

Enrolment starts with the commencement of each academic year (September) but is also available throughout the year. Students are automatically enrolled for the new term/Academic year if no notification of discontinuation is received. Private Lesson enrolment is ongoing, year-round, with vacations and holidays listed on the CALENDAR.

Musiqaa is extremely active in both hosting and participating in music led events. There will be many opportunities to participate as a group and an individual. We encourage our students to participate in performance and theory examinations while enrolled at Musiqaa.

At Musiqaa we offer entrance into as well as support for external examinations such as ABRSM and Rockschool.

Musiqaa offers online instrumental and theory lessons to all our students. During the recent restrictions worldwide, our need to grow and learn, has seen our teachers and staff work tirelessly to prepare the best online lessons. Our students are flourishing in this environment and have even participated in an online Performance Competition. Our teachers are able to focus entirely on elements such as hand position, posture, musicality, and playing any instrument correctly. Many families have expressed that online instrument lessons are effective, inclusive and more importantly, super fun!

Online lessons are here to stay for our Musiqaa family and student will be required an in-person check-in with the teacher on a regular basis to enhance these lessons further.

Selected Instruments may be hired from Musiqaa (subject to availability)at a small cost and fees will be paid for termly.

For more information, see our TERMS & POLICIES.


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