Music History

Music History

It’s the morning of January 7th, 1820. Ludwig, the ever the early riser, meticulously prepares his breakfast: a cup of coffee with exactly 60 beans. Still fuming that Nanny, the housemaid, was using the manuscript for the Kyrie to wrap silverware, he knows that the Gloria and Credo from the yet untitled “Missa Solemnis, Op. 123” will have to wait. After a lengthy conversation with his secretary Anton days prior, Ludwig has an appointment at the Vienna Magistrate Appeals Court in a few hours’ time; thus continues the custody battle for his young nephew Karl, going all the way back to ’15.

This class, entitled A Survey of Western Music History, will be divided into three parts:
Autumn Term: Ancient- Renaissance
Spring Term: Baroque- Classical
Summer Term: Romantic-Modern

In each term, we will look at the people and events that shaped the history of Western art music. Through the use of source materials such as diary entries, anecdotes, and letters, as well as a careful look at important non-musical events running contemporarily to the musical masterpieces we hold so dear, a more complete picture will emerge; not only of how these works came to be, but of the lives of those who wrote them. In short, we know Beethoven the Painting and Beethoven the Bust, but who was Ludwig the Man?

The class is most appropriate for students aged 13 years and above. The goal is to give current Musiqaa students as well as non-Musiqaa students the opportunity to add a historical context to their instrumental studies, and to encourage those who have never studied music to become acquainted with a new and interesting subject, and perhaps inspire them to become musicians themselves. The class in on Saturdays at our Al Wajba Campus.


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